A Valentines Day Romantic Gift– The Way To Win Her Heart

I Love You Heart

So I started writing this article a few days ago, with the intention of laying out a justification for the act of giving on Valentines day.  Easy enough, right?  …not so much for me.  The idea that everybody is well tuned to this holiday, is probably not well founded, so the this piece is targeted to those that truly enjoy the celebration and feel that Valentines is a day devoted to showing your love to that special someone.   As with other posts, I’ll be including some of the images I’ve found that may be appropriate for the occasion.

When Valentines day comes around, it’s the perfect time to make a good impression with her.  Whether she’s your wife, your girl friend, or simply your friend.  Love is many times shown through the act of giving, and of the many gifts available, jewelry is sure to be a favorite with her.  We are in the process of searching for the most elegant pieces of jewelry, and we hope that you’ll join us in that search.  To that end, we have added a number of images to this article, that we hope that you’ll be able to look through, and that you will give us your opinion on the images presented.  Even though we’ve found many exquisite pieces for display here, we remain convinced that there are many other wonderful pieces out there which may be a good addition to these pages; with your suggestions we are bound to make a better job of it.

On The Topic Of Love

With Valentines day, love is a central theme.  A sure fire way to captivate her love and attention is by means of a gift that conveys the message.  Jewelry has long been used as a message of love, and few will refuse such loving gesture.  We like the idea of writing articles that describe popular jewelry and Valentines day is the perfect occasion to write another such article.  As we write, we are always on the lookout for what our readers are interested in so that we can report on that.  For this article we’ve selected a number of lovely heart pendants from multiple vendors for inclusion.  We’ve attempted to maintain some sort of consistency from one vendor to another so that it will be easier to tell which piece would make a better gift.  We hope that you like the items we’ve selected; some of them are available for sale and you’ll be able to identify them as your mouse hovers over them.  Other images are shown simply to illustrate the creativity of different designers.  All the same, we hope that if you spot an item that just grabs you, that you’ll let us know by way of a comment.  Whether you are in the market for a gift or not, please let us know what you think.  Of course, if you have suggestions for additional illustrations, please let us know that too.


Valentines Day Is Universally Recognized

That is perhaps a statement seldom in dispute.  It’s probably hard to find those who have either not heard of, or are not interested in Valentines day; a day almost universally recognized as a the day of love, or the day of friendship.  Whether you personally choose to celebrate this day, it is almost certain that you know someone who does, and likely, that someone would be pleased to give or receive a valentine’s day gift.

Gift Suggestions For This Valentines

We have included a number of images that propose a reasonable selection, mostly heart pendants, both gold and silver, some with precious stones, others without.  But all of them, we think, beautiful enough to catch a second take.  Some of the pieces shown here came from Amazon, others from Elite Jewels Inc.  But of course, on a day like Valentines, a box of chocolates is almost a must, which always goes well with a beautiful bouquet of roses, as shown here for your approval.

Suggestions That Could Make Your Gift Special

But after you’ve done your research, and after you’ve looked through multiple sites and multiple catalogs, how do you know that she’ll like the one piece you’ve selected?  It’s not always easy to make the right guess, and in the end, that is all this is:  a guess.  But in the case of someone who is close to you, you might already know her taste, and you may even have an idea of her likes and dislikes, perhaps she likes expressive jewelry that makes the message quite obvious.  Or it may be that she likes a more reserved piece which keeps the expression just between the two of you.  Whatever the case, accompanying your gift with a heartfelt note will almost certainly increase her appreciation.


But in the end: You Need No Justification To Show Your Love

When love between two people is deep and sincere, the natural inclination is to find ways to please each other.  Jewelry has longed played a role in this activity, and this Valentines day will not be the exception.  Our hope is that you will find the one piece that’ll make a pleasant surprise to your someone special.  Please let us know, via the comments box, if we’re close to what you had in mind, or if we need to include other alternatives.  Any suggestions that you care to offer, will greatly help us to improve the quality and the content of this site.

I Love You Heart

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  1. You are so right in saying that you need no justification to say I love you.  That is the exact reason my wife and I refuse to celebrate Valentines day on Valentines day.  It gets so tiring at how commercialized it has gotten.  So what we do now is pick any day of the year other than Feb 14 to be Valentines day.A very good example as to why is that any day of the year I can get my wife a dozen roses for under 25 dollars but on Valentines day it is over seventy five dollars.The gifts you show on the article are great and I appreciate the great article you have written.Dale

    1. Thanks Dale.  I’m glad you enjoyed the article.  

      I think you’re right: most holidays nowadays are extremely commercialized.


  2. with valentine day coming up, there are a lot of men out there trying to get something special for that special girl in their lives, myself included. These pieces are absolutely beautiful, i am pretty sure they would make a great gift for most girls out there.I for one think that the 10 karat yellow gold celtic Crowned heart pendant is really beautiful, i think that is the one that i might get because i know my girl will love it. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks for your comment Jamiro.  I hope that your girl enjoys the pendant.


  3. Thank you very much for the suggestions. Valentine day is coming soon, and this website let me have some new idea for my better half. The pendants are really nice which you highlighted here. Shall be back soon.
    Thanks for share.

    1. Thanks for your comments Dr. I’m glad you found the suggestions useful, I hope that our better half will be pleased with your selection.

  4. Great job! Looks like you’re well on your way to generating some traffic. I almost didn’t get to the second page (LOL). Site looks good!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to come back and take a second (page) look. I look forward to hearing from you again.

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