What Makes Jewelry Appealing?

This is perhaps a question that many will sneer at, thinking that the answer is so obvious.  At this point, all reasons will come to mind, and they will be varied indeed.  Jewelry makes a person feel good, it makes one look elegant, refined even.  But that is only the start.  There are those that use it to convey a message, sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden.

Whatever the reason, it is certainly valid to the person that agrees with it, and that’s really all that matters.  Through these pages, and posts, we want to explore what those reasons are, and to exchange ideas with others.  We do not attempt to validate any of those reasons; if a person has a certain taste for a specific type of jewelry, or a specific piece, then that person’s reason must be valid, at least to him or her.

We’d love to hear from you, and to find out what your reasons are; the comment box at the end of this post is an excellent vehicle for sharing your thoughts.

Different types of jewelry

There are many types of jewelry, to be sure, and an exhaustive list would be difficult to produce.  Wikipedia lists the following, among others:

  • Hair and head ornaments
  • Neck
  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Body
  • Feet
  • Special Functions
  • Components

But these are only major groups; within each there are subgroups like earrings, hairpins, crowns, etc. in the Hair and head ornaments group.  And even within the Crowns subgroup, there are Coronets, Tiaras, Diadems, Corollas, and others.

Image projected seems a good reason

Image is everything, some may say, and they could be right.  Certainly, the right piece of jewelry is bound to enhance not only self esteem, but also the perception projected.  No doubt, a well chosen accessory will enhance most attires, whether man, woman, or child is the object of such an accent.  It’s hard to envision any one who would not want to project a more elegant image and with so many different providers, the options are limitless.

And where does one find the right piece?

Now, that’s a different matter.  In fact potentially one of the easiest problems to solve.  There is no shortage of vendors on the Web, that’ll offer the best deal, the best quality, the best service, etc.  But all those descriptors have different meanings to different people.  What may be a good deal to some, could also be unaffordable to others.  Keeping one’s budget in mid is probably the best predictor in such a case.

When it comes to quality, the well known saying that “you get what you pay for”, is not always the best reference.  Caution here is a better friend in order to get some protection; it always pays to do a bit of research, testing and comparison.  Checking the same item on different sites is a good start, but other factors are necessary too:  

  • Is electronic payment secure?
  • Is there a return policy?
  • Is shipping cost reasonable?
  • How are complaints handled?
  • etc. 

Experimentation would come in handy; time spent surfing is time well spent, on these matters. 

So in the end, what makes a good deal?

A good deal is probably the one that gives you the piece you’re looking for at a price you are comfortable paying.  Of course, comparison comes into play, and so does affordability, and availability, and a good many other factors.  The images on the right are but a small representation of the possibilities.

 In the end, however, it’s you that’ll make the call.  If you like that pendant, if if fits what you had in mind, and if the price is right, is there really a better deal than that?

By all means, please let us know what appeals to you; we’ll start looking around to see if we can help you find the one item you were looking for.  The reply box at the bottom of this post was designed specially for that purpose.

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  1. Hi Hugo, This was such an interesting subject, especially for a woman, to look at. We all like to look good, but more importantly for me is the sentiment that comes with the jewelry. I have received some lovely pieces of jewelry as gifts from my beloved husband and treasure them. It did not matter whether they were expensive or not, he knew my taste and would buy accordingly.
    My late Mother left me some lovely pieces of jewelry which unfortunately were stolen and I have never tried to replace them as it would just not be the same.

    1. Jill:
      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad that you found the post interesting. At the same time I’m sad that you had your jewelry stolen, especially those left you by your mother. Perhaps your memories of her will never be lost.

  2. Excellent article about jewelry and what exactly is a good deal .You are correct about doing research and do diligence when it comes to doing transactions online. Like anything else it is better to make comparisons before a purchase is made..Personally speaking when it comes to jewelry i prefer to make a purchase in person just seems safer and practical.Because I would want to try on the item before buying instead of vice versa

    1. Thanks for your kind comment Erik. I am convinced that the best person to decide on what’s best, is the interested party. Only one knows what’s best when it comes to such things. Checking alternatives and doing comparisons comes in handy, but in the end, one’s decision should prevail.


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