Unique Jewelry Gifts – Making the Right Selection

Most people like the idea of owning, giving, collecting, and/or wearing fashion jewelry because it enhances self esteem.  Although there are many types of jewelry and there are many places to buy from, finding just the right piece for your collection is not an easy task.  There are thousands and thousands of jewelry shops all over the world.  One would need to have the ability to visit many countries and many shops within each country in order to be able to reach even a small percentage of what’s available.

Enter the Internet.  The Internet puts a large number of shops that have all sorts of wonderful jewelry, ranging in price from the modest to the extravagant and makes the finding of unique jewelry gifts almost effortless.  We’ll try to give a primer to the interested shopper, in order to prove a point.

Selecting the appropriate type  

Selecting the appropriate type of jewelry is different for every one.  The correct type depends on many things, such as the occasion, the recipient, the budget available, etc.  In general terms, however, one could start by choosing from one of the types suggested in the previous post What Makes Jewelry Appealing? The post lists just some of the common types of jewelry that appeals to different tastes.  This is simply an idea of how to steer focus into that all important search.  A key factor should always be the expected recipient of the selection made, even in cases where the intent is to surprise the receiver, it could be fun to elicit the desire by means of subtle hints as to likes and dislikes.  Of course, Christmas time would probably suggest a different type than Mother’s day, or Valentine’s day.  The season and occasion is probably the easiest factor that’ll help when determining the type to go after.  Gender too, is a guide to make that determination; not many men would be excited to receive a glowing pair of hoop earrings.

Finding the right merchant

Once the type has been determined, finding the right merchant is also part of the experience and it would be unwise to bypass such experience.  Once a reputable seller can be identified, it’ll be much easier to purchase with confidence.  No one really likes to hasle with quality that is different from that ordered and expected, or with a difficult return process or with incorrect billing headaches.  Obtaining jewelry should be a happy experience, both for the giver, and for the giftee.  There are many well known names that have ample selections:  Robins Brothers, Jared, Tiffany, and Cartier come to mind.  But there are also many others that offer excellent quality and good service at prices of different levels of affordability.  Sure, it’d be really nice to proudly display a Cartier necklace if money is no object.  The reality is, though, that money comes into play for most of us when making this sort of decisions.  In the end, finding the right merchant is a matter of doing research.  The Internet is a tool that is well suited to help in this regard; one need only provide Google with the desired item to search, and a long list of suggestions will instanty be offered.  Try the expression “online jewelry stores” in just about any search engine, and you’ll be surprised with the results.   The images shown on the right margin of this post were produced by a similar search; the merchants selected in this case include Amazon, Gold Boutique, and Elite Jewels.  Many others were found, of course, but these are indicative of the possibilities.

Identifying the deal that makes sense

OK, so now you’ve settled on a couple of merchants, and you’ve decided that one or more wil get your business, and you start doing an in depth search through their catalog.  It’s quite possible that of all the pieces they offer, some will just tug at your heart and will beg for you to choose them.  One of the parameters that will likely be specified is the price, and that in most cases will be a deciding factor.  It is not the ultimate factor, however, because you need to consider the quality of the piece, service after the purchase, delivery time, and shipping costs.  Is there a delivery guarantee? Is there fine print in the purchase agreement, that you need to examine?  A phone call, or an eMail message to your candidate provider will almost always clear up any remaining questions and is time well spent.

Ultimately, you’ll be the one making the call as to what constitutes a good deal.  You know your own circumstances and needs.

Deciding on a specific purchase

After you have found one or more pieces that satisfy the specific needs you have in mind, things get a bit more interesting.  In a perfect world, one would probably buy the whole lot!  But when there are constraints designed to keep us in check, we may have to settle on a number smaller than the total selected.  In order to make deciding a bit easier, then, it pays to review the factors that we started with from the beginning:  

  • The occasion:  Why are we buying this piece at this particular time?
  • The recipient:  Is the piece gender appropriate? would he or she enjoy this piece?
  • The budget:  Is the piece within a range I can afford at this time? 

Closing the deal

One of the last steps in the process is paying for the merchandise and most merchants make this quite a simple exercise.  In almost all cases, they’ll require basic information that’ll help to tie any remaining loose ends.  

  • Form of payment, for instance; credit card, potentially, although PayPal has become quite prevalent as a form of payment. 
  • Shipping address.  Where will you have your merchandise delivered?
  • Shipping service.  How fast do you want to get your merchandise?  Keep in mind that more than likely, faster delivery service implies higher costs.
  • Special delivery instructions.  If you prefer that your delivery be acknowledged on receipt, you may have to make special arrangements, but that could offer a sense of security to help minimize your risk of loss.

So then, after all of the above is done, the only thing that’s left to do is to wait for the delivery person to knock on your door.

Please leave me a message below and let me know what you think.  Is this helpful? is it interesting? informative?  I am hoping that with your help, I’ll be able to do a better job of it!


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  1. I love jewelry I am a big fan of watches, I always had a difficulty buying jewelry online, because I am never sure how authentic it is. I realy do appreciate the information on this website, it helps me be more aware of my purchase. For a man like me that loves watches, this page is very informative. 

    1. Thanks for the comment Jamiro, I appreciate it.  Based on that, I will present a number of watches in the near future, and ask you to take another look.  I’d be interested in your opinion when the time comes.

      Thanks again,


  2. This is a good article for people like me who aren’t good at buying gifts. When I’m buying for myself I always just know if it’s right for me or not, but when buying for others, I feel lost. One thing I’m always wondering about is the price range to spend. Obviously this changes depending on the person you’re buying for. But how much would you say is too much? Great article! Thanks for posting this!

    1. And thanks for your comment.  Yes, pricing is a big factor; not many have the ability to spend unlimited amounts of money, so judgement comes into play.  In the end however, the person you buy for will probably appreciate the gift if it shows that you included some thought to your purchase: Is this piece one they like over other pieces?  Does it match the occasion? Does it match their personality? etc.

      I think that when you consider other factors, a price one can afford can be more easily justified.


  3. I’ve always been horrible about buying jewelry for myself but, great at doing it for other people.  Even giving advice to a irl friend or, a guy friend on what to buy in the jeewelry department arises much more often than a question of what I want.

    If I had an unlimited budget it might be a bit different.  I’d rather save for that one special piece than have a lot of ‘stuff’.’

    Undoubtedly, I love shiny things 🙂  

    Overall, if I’m shopping for myself or, others my main focus is on what that piece of jewelry will mean to me or, the person I’m gifting it to.  Sentiment is my shopping guide <3

    1. Thanks for commenting.  I think that you’re right as far of the focus when buying a specific piece.  If it brings a special meaning to the person receiving it (even if that person is the same who buys it), that piece will undoubtedly carry great value.


  4. Great article and just in time for me as my mom’s birthday is coming up and she could really use a beautiful new necklace.  She had a favorite one that was a gold heart, but she lost it a couple of months ago, so with her birthday a few weeks away, I want to get her the perfect necklace because she really deserves it.  I love how you express that you should think about the occasions the person will wear it for and what types of things the person would like in order to choose the perfect gift.  So true.  Those necklaces on your sidebar of the website are lovely.  Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks for your comment Babsie.  I hope that you and your mom have a wonderful time during her birthday. I am also glad that you liked the items shown; perhaps you will find the special replacement for her lost gold heart from among those items.


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