White Gold Pendant Necklace– Will You Find It Here?

Silver Colored Pendant

Finding the right piece of jewelry is not a matter of luck, more likely than not, it’s a matter of looking at many places, going through different stores (online and brick and mortar), searching through different catalogs, and time.  We will try to narrow your search a bit, if your interest is in pendants and or necklaces.  In fact, among the objects we’ve selected for this post, we hope that the white gold pendant necklaces shown here will make your short list.

Pendant Necklaces Are In Fashion 

Jewelry is always in vogue, there are many justifiable reasons to wear it.  Most times however, one gets attached to a particular piece of jewelry, whether because it was a gift from some one close, or because it was a long desired item, it’s easy to feel a certain closeness to that one piece.  In the case of a pendant, its elegance is unparalleled and it will almost certainly add to the charm of any woman.  We have done a search of elegant white gold pendants online, and are displaying some of them here to see if you agree that they are beauty enhancing in almost all cases.  Our initial search was done on Amazon, Gold Boutique, and Elite Jewels, Inc., and obviously, it’s not realistic to expect that all readers will absolutely love these images, but at the very least, we’d like to get an opinion based on your specific taste.  We will take it into account for subsequent postings.  

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  • Seller:Gold Boutique
  • Description:Diamond pendant necklace in solid 9ct white gold.

Yellow Gold vs. White Gold– What’s the Difference?   

In absolute terms, the difference between Yellow Gold and White Gold is the type of metal used when alloying the piece.  Gold is normally mixed (alloyed) with other metals to give it strength and durability since pure gold is softer than other metals; it is also much more expensive.  That means that when the proportion of gold used in a piece decreases, the ultimate price for the end product also decreases.  Yellow gold is normally alloyed with copper and zinc while white gold normally is alloyed with palladium, silver, and nickel.  Unfortunately, because many people are allergic to nickel, the more expensive palladium and silver are used to produce white gold artifacts.  Note the images below, they show the result of different metals in the mix, namely, different colors of gold.

One would think that yellow gold is more expensive because it projects the impression that its purity is higher.  In reality, white gold is some times more expensive given that the manufacturing process is harder and costlier in order to produce the rich white color sought after.

What about Rose Gold?

Actually, the same story applies to Rose Gold.  The difference is in the metals used in the alloy, normally copper.  The final tone of the piece can go from red, to rose, to pink, depending on the ratio of gold to copper; the smaller the amount of gold, the redder the end product will be.  One point to always keep in mind is the fact that rose gold is usually not hypoallergenic, and it could produce allergies in some.  Caution should not be easily discarded.

So, which is Best? — It’s The One You Like Most!

Since we started writing these posts, we’ve kept to the belief that the best item is different for different people, and that it would not be reasonable to point to one or two objects based on the belief of others.  Sure, there are fashions, and there are trends, and there are glamorous personalities that tend to steer multitudes in a certain direction.  The best really, from our point of view is the one item that just calls out to you and says: “take me, I’m yours“, or the one item that you know matches exactly what you had in mind when your search started.  It may be different from someone else’s best, but if its the one you’re after, it’ll definitely be the best for you.  If that special piece you’re after is for some one dear to your heart, and you want to buy it as a gift, you may want to read the previous article, on finding the special gift.

Go Ahead Then, Take a Look

It may be that after all the searching you’ve been doing, the item you’ve been looking for is among those shown here.  And if it isn’t, by all means, let us know what you have in mind and we’ll pitch in with that quest.  Why not double your efforts?
Please write us a line in the box below, and let us know how we can help.

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